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Commercial Funeral Transfer Services

This Transfer Service is only for our professional clients in the Funeral, Healthcare and Law Enforcement business.

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At Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services all removals are made with the utmost dignity and respect. 

We understand the importance of these transfers to your funeral home. When using our service your firm will be represented with professionalism.

Our goal is to make the family’s first encounter with us a positive one. Every removal, regardless of location, is carried out as if the family were present. We take the time to show compassion to the families and give special attention to our actions and comments on each call.

Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services is a service provider for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in the province of Manitoba.

We are based out of Winnipeg but respond to calls anywhere in Manitoba. We have extensive experience working with Medical Examiners and Medical Examiner Investigators.

At Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Service we pay close attention to the details during the removal procedure. We have all the necessary equipment for any kind of scene.

Upon request, Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Service will provide Crime Scene Recovery body bags. They are equipped with a two-way zipper to affix a numbered locking seal.

Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services assists law enforcement agencies in the rural areas of Manitoba with the removals and transfers from scenes.

We also provide our service to northern RCMP detachments for removals from local airports in Winnipeg when the remains must be flown in from remote areas.

Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services provides transfers for hospitals and health care facilities.

Our mortuary refrigeration is located at our office on Arlington Street in downtown Winnipeg just blocks away from the Health Sciences Centre.

 We provide overnight and long-term holding services.

After an injury or death we specialize in biohazard restoration in home or business, alleviating families and/or employees from this horrendous chore, and potentially dangerous task.

Crime, Death & Biohazardous Contamination Scenes

The aftermath of a death – be it natural, accidental, intentional or involving a crime – is one of the most traumatic and emotional times for the survivors. Any person who comes into contact with biohazardous materials (blood, body fluids, and pathological waste) is at high risk for contracting infections or contagious diseases, some of which can be fatal. That is why it is extremely important to utilize the services of a skilled and experienced company. WFTS provides professional mitigation services in a compassionate manner.

WFTS exercises the utmost caution in terms of cleaning and sanitizing an area so that it is safe to inhabit in a timely manner. We are trained to evaluate the contaminated area, determine the best course of action for cleanup and sanitizing, carry out these services and then provide any necessary disposal services to an appropriate disposal site for incineration. Utilizing proper personal protective equipment and the most effective chemicals available, WFTS will address all contaminated areas in the appropriate manner and will restore your property to a safe, livable condition.

In addition to cleaning up biohazardous sites, WFTS can also respond to cleaning up premises that are deemed a health hazard due to animal contamination or excessive garbage contamination. This includes removing all personal property considered a hazard, disposing of it in the proper manner and then decontaminating the structure to a livable condition. 

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Services

While most of our cleaning services are for our professional clients in the funeral, healthcare and law enforcement business, we do offer cleaning services to the public and residential properties. 

Please call to inquire.

Cleaning, disinfecting and removal of all contaminated items to restore the scene to a safe, non-biohazardous state.

Contaminated property cleanup including persistent or reoccurring odor abatement.

The aftereffects of rodent infestation can bring potentially lethal exposure to Hantavirus spread by infected rodents.

Removal of fingerprint dust after technicians have powdered the area.

From basic grime to blood and hazardous materials residue.

From basic grime to human urine, blood and feces.

Removal of contaminated furnishings, carpeting, building materials and equipment from distressed properties and ‘Garbage houses’.

Compliance with provincial Health and Safety Codes. Also compliant with the Medical Waste Management Act.


The professional staff at WFTS are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year for both your removal and biohazard cleaning needs.


Our staff understand the sensitive nature of the industry and promise professional services provided with dignity and compassion.


Biohazard cleaning includes cleaning from crime scenes, trauma scenes, hoarders, or other sites requiring specialized cleaning services. We provide free estimates on all of our cleaning services.

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