Identification Protocols

Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services is very concerned with the identification and proper handling of the deceased and personal effects. Because of this, we impress upon our employees’ strict handling procedures.

Before the deceased is removed from the place of death a thorough check is done for any property or valuables. Our company policy is not to transport any valuables except in certain cases when it is unavoidable.

When any type of property or valuables is located it is itemized as to its location on the remains and then turned over to the family or nursing supervisor at the facility.

The person receiving the items then signs our trip sheet accepting the responsibility for the items. In some cases, it is necessary for our removal crews to transport property. In such cases, the property is again itemized and turned over to someone at the receiving facility that signs our trip sheet accepting responsibility for the items.

In our service industry, one of the most important details of the removal is the tagging of the deceased. We demand this of all employees. This is one area of our service where there is no room for error.

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