Frequently Asked

Do you provide funeral services?

No, we are not a funeral home.

Do you provide funeral transfer service to the general public?

No, we only offer our transfer services to funeral homes, medical examiners, law enforcement agencies, health care facilities and organ donor programs.

How long have you been in business?

WFTS has been in business since early 2002. Our biohazard cleaning services have been in operation since 1984.

Are you here to stay?

We have established ourselves quickly within the industry. WFTS will be in Manitoba for many years to come.

What vehicles/equipment do you use?

Our vehicles are late model vans. We have Junkin & Ferno cots with burgundy, unmarked cot bags and covers. Also in each van is a smooth mover and a container with miscellaneous emergency equipment such as various styles of body bags and protective wear. Each van also carries gloves, all paperwork needed to carry out any situation, and cleaning supplies. We are prepared for any circumstance.

How far do you go on a transfer?

WFTS will make a removal and transfer as far as you need us to.

Quotes are available for long-distance transfers

How much do you charge for a removal and transfer?

We have set prices that we charge depending on the location and place of removal. Should you wish to inquire about our prices, please contact us at (204) 956-2882.

How long does it take for you to respond to a call?

WFTS responds within minutes of receiving the call. Our time of arrival is usually under 45 minutes within the city limits.

What kind of biohazard cleaning services do you offer?

WFTS provides a wide range of cleaning services, including cleaning crime scenes, trauma scenes, homes with hoarders, personal and commercial vehicles, and in any environment where biohazard contamination may occur.

No job is too big or too small.
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